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How's My Driving.
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💀 Player Information
Name: Kim
Age: 25
Contact: [ profile] rakuranger
Characters In-game: N/A

💀 Character Information
Name: Nicolas Brown
Canon Point: Chapter 39
Age: 34
Description: Nicolas is a pale skinned male with dark hair. His hair is brushed to the right and has matching dark eyes. He stands at 169 cm (5'5") due to his mother being of Asian descent (though his father is white). He's got muscular build, but falls more on the lean side of the spectrum. His body is littered with small scars from years of fighting and he has a large scar that goes across his abdomen and ends at his right thigh. Nicolas also has a tribal tattoo on his upper back and extends over his shoulder blades.
Physical changes: None. He don't need no changes. He a strong, independent Twilight who is beautiful just the way he is.
Due to being half Twilight, Nicolas has enhanced abilities that puts him above an average human.

Strength: Nicolas has inhuman strength. He's been seen to be crack and break concrete by sheer force. He's also been able to break a kukri using his sheer strength and sword. Because his lean and small body, people are taken aback by the strength that Nicolas possesses, his physique not looking to support it.

Speed: His most lethal trait. Nicolas' speed makes it seem as though he's teleporting with how fast he's moving. He can easily ambush other people due to his speed. Even experienced fighters have had trouble keeping up with him.

Endurance: Nicolas' endurance makes it that he's able to fight for good periods of time. He also has a high pain tolerance, so even injured, he can keep fighting. He's shown to push his body, despite the severity of his injuries ( although he loses the feeling to pain when he overdoses sometimes).

He's very experienced in hand-to-hand combat and shines as a swordsman; swords being his primary weapon to go too.

Nicolas' strength increases when under the influence of Celebrer uppers. It's said that the level of his strength is dependent on the stimulant to bring out his full strength. He also has a tendency to overdose on them, which can lead to him becoming manic. It also leads to his pain receptors numbing and is known to cause organ damage.

History: Wikia Link

A note that the current plot listed in Nicolas' Wikia is incomplete.

Nicolas sustains some hefty injuries and needs to be treated at Theo's clinic following his fight with Erica.

The next time Nicolas is shown, he's recovered from his injuries and back home. He's only seen sitting outside, but noticing that there seems to be trouble farther into the city.

It's a few chapters later that he's seen again. He's sitting inside and reading with only Alex around (who was sleeping). He's requested for protection, although he ends up not really needing to be there. He leaves location and later arrives at the location where they've placed all the dead Twilight bodies (the trouble farther in the city was the Mercenary Guild massacre of many Twilights). Unfortunately, there's a lack of information as to who came and murdered them.

While Worick is getting bed rest from injuries he sustained (this coincided with the massacre, but Nicolas wasn't with Worick) and interrogated by the police, Dr. Theo approaches Nicolas. He hands Nicolas a piece of paper with a locker number with a prototype drug (Theo is a really shitty doctor).

Nicolas meets up with Delico and Yang, two members of the Monroe family, to fight Erica and Mikhail.Part way through the fight, the prototype Theo gave him is starting to have side effects ( he can only be under the influence of it for a certain amount of time and supposed to take a downer once he starts sweating profusely). Despite that, he keeps going. After Mikahil is incapacitated by Nicolas, Erica is called to back off.

It's found out that Erica and Mikhail are under the orders of Ivan Glaziev, who is also working with Daniel Monroe (head of the Monroe family). While they converse, the drug he's under is starting to really takes a toll on Nicolas. Yang tries to shoot Monroe, but is shot by Delico out of loyalty of Monroe. Nicolas is incapacitated by Monroe when he tries to attack the other.

When Nicolas, Delico, and Yang are found, they are rushed to Dr. Theo's clinic. They start working on Yang, who's in mortal danger due to being shot by Delico. As Yang is being worked on, Nicolas starts having an attack ( he hadn't been given a downer yet due to Theo wanting a blood sample). When Theo tries to administer a downer, Nicolas refuses it. He points at Yang, wanting them to help the other. He's shown calming down, envisioning Alex as Veronica in his ehxausted state.

Hell Status: Hell Newbie
What Brings Them To Hell: Murder probably. Full on indiscriminate murder with a side of torturing sometimes. Like twisting a sword in someone's hand? Yeah, probably torture too. And he also kind of stole money off the people he's killed and beaten up. They didn't need that money anyways and it's their fault for causing trouble in the first place. Did I forget to mention indiscriminate murder? Ever massacre an entire mansion at the ripe age of thirteen? Remember kiddies, stay in school.

The Pitch: Nicolas seems to have no strict morals, just a strong sense of loyalty. He slaughtered an entire mansion worth of people for the sake of his contractor. Because his contractor's dad shoved a cigarette in his contractor's eye. Why a thirteen year-old would think that the best path was to murder an entire household? WELL, he's a pretty fucked up kid used purely as a tool for murder. Yep, that's what his dad kept him for. His dad killed his prostitute mom and kept him because he might be useful since he's half Twilight.

And that's what he's viewed as by the general populace. He's seen as a monster or some beast. Some creature that's terrifying but still lesser than a Normal. Twilights are called a multitude of things: tagged, monsters, unwanted inheritances. In the anime, they are called Legacy of Past Sins too. Nicolas knows all this. He learned very quickly the futility of preserving his race. There seems to be absolutely no justice if a Twilight dies. When a Twilight dies, all their records are wiped. Their existence is completely wiped out. Despite knowing that Twilights can't survive, he isn't about just dying. Naw, man. He's reckless, but he isn't going to just die without a fight. Besides, his contractor wants him to live an agonizing and painful life before he dies. Got to fulfill that right? Who the fuck just accepts being ordered to live a shitty life? Apparently Nicolas.

To be honest, Nicolas earnestly just accepts the Twilight part of him. He doesn't bemoan the fact or use it as some sob story. He just doesn't give a shit. Why give a shit when he can leap onto rooftops and murder people? Oh yeah, he definitely enjoys being a Twilight. The thrill of the fight has got this guy going. He would easily destroy his body for a good fight, and nearly has on many occasions. He doesn't care about being right or being on the side of the law or even the fact that he disgusts the majority of the populace. He just wants to fight and crush his opponents.

Boy howdy is he arrogant about that too. It's been mentioned canonically by others that his rank should be around B5, but he stands near the top as an A0. He's the highest of the A ranks and only beaten out by S Ranks. How does he do this? He uses Celebrer and legitimately just crushes his opponents through force. That's it. He uses drugs and fights people and beats them.

He's uncontrollable (unless you're his contractor), bloodthirsty, arrogant, and doesn't give a shit. He does what he wants, but he honestly spends a lot of time doing a lot of mundane stuff. He reads books on his free time and for all his crazy fighting tendencies, he legitimately just works as a handyman. He does deliveries and gets paid to bodyguard and even can do repairs.

Get a man who can do both, right? Murder and still work around the house (he can't cook though).

Also, he likes cats. This is important.

Setting Fit: Nicolas would earnestly adapt pretty well to everything. Knowing how Twilights are treated and their short lives due to needing Celebrer and compensation, he has always had the outlook that there's no use. They're a race that can't be saved in his eyes, and that includes him. He's completely fine with dying and he skirts around death so much, he probably expects it (even if his arrogance makes him sure that there aren't many who can overpower him). Dying? No big deal. He was halfway there. He'd probably find Hell to be pleasant by all means. Ergastulum was a city meant to house the Twilight race, but ended up also being used to relocate criminals. The city is teaming with crime and Twilights are regarded as scum. Nicolas can walk the main streets of Hell whereas he had to take back streets all his life due to violence against Twilights. And he knows he's nowhere close to being innocent, nor does he care. Dead? Cool. Damned? Awesome. Sign him up. He's right at home like he never left home. Crime, prostitutes and a life of damnation. It's like he never died.
Samples: One Two


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